Enamel Erosion Prevention Tips

Enamel erosion is a dental problem that can be dangerous to your smile and oral health. Enamel erosion is the name for the process by which you lose the enamel on the surface of your tooth. This process makes that outer shell of the teeth soft and weak,and increases your chances of having cavities and other tooth damage. As you have probably already guessed, it’s best to prevent enamel erosion. To help you do so, our dentist, Dr. Sean Ky, is happy to give you some helpful tips you need

-Avoid acidic foods and drinks. Acid is a major cause of enamel loss. So, try to enjoying healthy foods and beverages instead acidic ones. Talk with the dentist to find out which drinks and foods contain high levels of acid.

-Use fluoride. Fluoride helps to prevent enamel erosion because it strengthens the tooth enamel. So, make sure you use a fluoride mouthwash and toothpaste. You should also ask your dentist is you need a fluoride treatment or supplements.

-Wait to brush. When you eat or drink something acidic, if you brush immediately, it could cause more damage. So, do your best to wait 30 minutes to brush.

Call Sean T. Ky today at 626-792-0448 if you have any questions. Our dental team will be more than happy to tell you more about how to prevent enamel erosion in Pasadena, California. We look forward to hearing from and helping you!

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