Don’t Let Embarrassing Teeth Keep You From Seeing a Dentist

Best Dentist Pasadena Sean Ky DDSIt’s common for people to develop dental fears and anxiety from traumatic experiences. But did you know… some of those fears also have something to do with potential judgement and shame?

If you’re embarrassed by what your teeth look like, don’t avoid dentist! Coming into see Dr. Ky just may be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

We’re a Judgement-Free Zone

Some patients are afraid that they’ll be judged or criticized for the condition of their teeth. The fear feels justified because of how some people in public react to discolored, broken, or missing teeth. You may have caught a strange look or worried you’ve been laughed at. But we are professionals. We want to help you correct the problem, and we’ll never judge you. We treat all our patients with care and compassion.

We’ve Probably Seen Worse

We have seen our share of bad teeth. For all your fears and worries, you’re most likely not the worst case scenario. And even if you are, a we won’t recoil in horror or make hurtful comments. We will see your case as a problem to solve and a way to make you healthier. When you refuse to make the appointment, you put your health in jeopardy.

It May Be a Fixable Problem

It’s common to worry that you’ve ruined your teeth and gums forever. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, you have more options to cure or correct dental problems than ever before. In some cases, your teeth may need to be extracted but dental implants offer a corrective solution that look natural. No one you meet in the future will know what your teeth looked like before. And your friends and family will be happy that you’ve got a new smile.

Your Health My Be in Jeopardy

Your oral health and physical health are intertwined. What happens in your mouth impacts your body and vice versa. By not taking care of your teeth, including any current problems, you put your physical health in jeopardy. It’s not uncommon that patients who avoid the dentist also avoid going to the doctor.

Start with a dental appointment and take care of your oral health. After that, seeing a doctor may not seem so scary, either.

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