Study Shows Sedation Dentistry Not Safe For Children

Pasadena Dentist Sean Ky DDSThe dental practice of Sean Ky, DDS does NOT practice sedation dentistry for many reasons. Among them are the hidden dangers of using drugs to relax or “knock out” a patient prior to a procedure.

Evidence of this appears in a report out of the UK which cites that sedation dentistry is responsible for at least 31 child deaths over the past 15 years.

Excessive Anesthesia

But the dangers of anesthesia aren’t limited to the field of dentistry alone. A 2011 paper published by the German Medical Association found that deaths related to anesthesia are on the rise, with one in 20 dying within a year of being treated with general anesthesia worldwide.

Other examples of dentists improperly using anesthesia include New Jersey dentist Patrick Bamgboye, who was under investigation in 2012 after the death of two children under his care, including a 3-year-old. Meanwhile, Dr. Stephen Stein of Denver was found to have reused anesthesia syringes on patients several days in a row, The Denver Post reported.

We’ll Ease Your Dental Anxiety

If your son or daughter is nervous about visiting our office, please consider bringing your child in for a “meet and greet” session prior to an appointment. I, along with our hygienists, do our very best with patients of all ages, to make sure everyone is relaxed, comfortable, and pain free. Our youngest of patients usually find going to our office a rather interesting fun outing. We take care at all times to provide dentistry that is caring and almost always anesthetic-free for the most comfortable experience for our young patients.

Remember, you don’t need sedation dentistry to have a pain and anxiety free dental experience.

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