Enhance Your Smile with Dental Bonding

As spring comes around again, it brings the season of cosmetic dentistry for beautiful smiles. Methods such as dental bonding can improve damaged and flawed teeth with high-quality dental porcelain to strengthen weak tooth enamel and improve unwanted dental flaws. Dental bonding can offer you a variety of smile benefits in one quick and easy treatment, such as:

– The durability of dental porcelain material enables this procedure to correct cracked and chipped teeth and other tooth damage to give you a strong and beautiful smile.

– If you have a cavity that needs a filling, dental bonding can be used in place of noticeable dental amalgams so that you can receive a tooth-colored material that matches your tooth color and helps your smile to look natural and beautiful.

– Many patients who have deep tooth stains or extensive discoloration choose to receive dental bonding instead of teeth whitening to effectively hide these unwanted flaws.

– If areas of your teeth have been weakened, covering them with dental bonding can provide protection that makes your teeth stronger.

– Dental bonding is an excellent source of conservative dental treatment that is only applied to areas that need to be treated, instead of covering the whole tooth.

Contact Sean T. Ky at 626-792-0448 today to ask our dentist, Dr. Sean Ky, about dental bonding in Pasadena, California, and schedule a consultation to receive tooth-changing treatment for a beautiful smile.

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